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Pre AP days recap

The August Pre AP days went well, thank you for making the effort to attend. These days were voluntary,  so if you had other commitments, I understand.
OK, we went over the process for writing the DBQ, something that we will do frequently, so you will catch on.
1. Read the question 3 times.
2. Break the question in to its parts; look for the key words and make a simple graphic organizer.
3. Make a list of prior knowledge; brainstorm everything.
4. Read and SOAP your documents. I will put a copy of the worksheet on website in the “documents for download” section soon.
5. Connect the documents to the list of prior knowledge, look for trends or themes.
6. Rough out your thesis.

See you soon.


AP US History


I have created this blog as a way to help everyone keep up with class work and homework. Important discussions may be summarized here and significant assignments will be discussed here. Please feel free to comment on discussions or assignments appropriately.

I will try to keep this organized and useful!

Thanks for reading,

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