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Reviewing after Unit 2 exam

September 28, 2011


The return of the Unit 2 exam gave me a great deal of insight as to what other skills I need to teach you, and also additional support I need to provide for you. Everyone has their Free Response Essay back for the purpose of revision and I gave out all the copies of the exam that I had. We can review the answers after school any day you’d like.

Many of you have already come to see me to learn a new reading strategy to manage the text, I hope that creating the “road map” seems logical to you. I expect that with a little practice, it will have measurable results.

I did some digging around and found a student review section for the AP textbook on the publisher’s site. I am posting the direct link to it here and will post it on the web site later. It has focus questions, sample short essay questions and multiple choice practice quizzes as well as other resources. You must bookmark it and start using it for review.

American History review site

There is small catch, but it should not be a problem. It is actually a component of the 14th textbook edition and we are currently using the 12th. No biggie!

As always, see me during ELE or after school for extra help. Your grades will begin to swing upward soon, stick with it.

Mr. Masters


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